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As seen on MuggleNet and Mark Reads Harry Potter!

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As seen on MuggleNet and Mark Reads Harry Potter!

welcome to hp_commonroom!

This community has been created for all Harry Potter fans who want to relive the magic that is Harry Potter and share it with others.

With the final movie coming out in just over a year what better way to celebrate then re-reading and re-watching the entire series? In this community you'll find a set schedule of everything you will need to relive the magic that is Harry Potter - one chapter at a time. There will be daily discussions, group viewings of all the movies, and enough party posts so that you can enjoy every aspect of the fandom! We're still plotting and planning the details, but please join and check back often! We're gearing up for the most epic revisiting of the Harry Potter series ever.

To keep everyone on topic and to stop the number of posts out-weighing the content, posts can only be made by one of the mods. Don't fret, between all of us we have it covered.

We are going to try and keep the topics friendly to all (at least content wise), but the community has been set to it's advisory status for a reason. If you don't think you can handle that we suggest skipping those topics.

Schedule: There's a handy calendar with important dates here. We'll be making posts between 7-8pm EST every day. World clock to find out when that is for you. Note that FFA posts are posted and open until it reaches 5000 comments, so please keep all posts on topic!

Spoilers: While we encourage anyone who has yet to read the series and wants to join us, please be aware that there are massive spoilers within this community without warnings. Don't worry, Snape doesn't really kill Dumbledore!

UPDATE: With part one of Deathly Hallows getting closer and closer to be released we are finding out more information about the film. While the group does not have an official policy, we do expect our members to be respectful to the fact that some people do not want to be spoiled. We ask that you use common sense and ask yourself if someone would be upset if you posted in large sparkly font about the color of Hermione's socks.

the student handbook

No Magic In the Corridors: This isn’t the Second War, everybody. While everyone has their own (special and beautiful) opinions and pet ships that will clash with other members, there is to be NO ship wars and no fights in the comm. Disagreements, yes, but insults and cheap shots are not welcome. If you are being particularly combative and start picking fights, you’re getting detention aka the banhammer. Flaming is for dragons and won’t be tolerated. If someone picks a fight with you, don’t respond. “He started it!” won’t fly, folks.

Troll In the Dungeons: Disagreements will happen, but as mentioned above, insults will not be taken lightly. Trolling other members is a huge no no, and so is taking fights outside of comms – attacking people in other communities, on their personal lj or other websites is lame and banworthy. Anything that is taking to a private journal or community will not be taken lightly, you mountain troll.

Dark Marks Are Forbidden: Racism and other forms of discrimination are for Death Eaters. Any inappropriate comments or icons will be deleted and you’ll be expelled. Any derogatory remarks concerning people’s race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, body size, etc, are strictly forbidden and will earn you Azkaban (lame pun is lame, but I couldn’t help myself).

No Unforgivable Curses: Personal attacks are against other members is why banning was invented. Don’t even think of going there.

Pay Attention In Class: OT (off topic) comments are generally discouraged – please try to discuss the chapter/topic at hand or at least try to keep it HP related. Spamming the posts with unrelated macros, vids and the like is only funny in other communities. Also, we don’t doubt your own community is amazing and magical and as much fun as Honeydukes and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes all rolled into one, but this isn’t the place for it. You can pimp out fics, comms and art WHEN IT IS ON TOPIC. Practice example: If we’re talking about Snape, posting fic and links to character comms about him are appropriate. Posting Mrs. Norris/Crookshanks fanart is, huh, not.

School Appropriate Attire: Let’s make a concentrated effort to make this comm SFW-ish, meaning hardcore porn and the like don’t have their place in the chapter/movie posts. In the FFA posts, that’s another matter. NOTHING ILLEGAL, though! Underage porn, lolicon, shotacon, is as bad as Imperio around here. None of that, please and thank you. Nobody wants the FBI at their door. If you want to post R or X-rated fan art, please do so as links as many people are now back in school.

Hogwarts Portraits: While we certainly welcome pictures/picspams in these hallowed halls, we do ask that you please keep the pictures to a reasonable size (use your own judgment here) and try to keep picspams to no more than 6 pictures per comment.

Again, let’s try to keep things on topic.

We’re no Argus Filch, though, so if you mess up we’ll give warning shots, but if you can’t adhere to the rules you’ll be sent to banland.

Have fun, everyone! And remember, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

Matthew Lewis, actor who plays Neville Longbottom in the movies, loves us!
Big big big thanks to iamwhitelady who got this awesome picture and sign for us.

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